Our Service Events mainly focus on volunteering our time and skills to contribute to the betterment of our society. We extend our efforts towards lending a helping hand to our local charity organisations in the hopes that our members will feel like they are making a real positive impact in our world. 


Connor's Run Volunteering

10-11 September 2022

Members volunteered at the Connor’s run event, supporting Australia’s largest event for paediatric brain cancer! They helped out in terms of joining the Connor’s run team by setting up and closing out the event by cleaning up the venue and carrying heavy items. 

Most importantly, BAP promoted the importance of volunteering and raising awareness for important issues like paediatric brain cancer, and how we as individuals can help! 

BAP Monash & Unimelb x CA ANZ: R U OK Day

8 September 2022

On R U OK Day we had the pleasure to hear from Iona and Georgia from ReachOut. We also thank Chartered Accountants ANZ for hosting us at their office!

We were able to learn more about mental well being, how ReachOut can provide support, and take some time to unwind and relax by doing some mindfulness activities and bond with other members.

Future Leaders Event

9 May 2022

This event involved presentations from two new University of Melbourne Professors, Rosemary Addis and Stuart Black, who talked about the skills required of students in the 21st century workforce. In particular these presentations centred around the theme sustainability and ethical leadership as well as analytics and design.

NSW/QLD Flood Appeal

5 May 2022

We are very proud to have taken part in the NSW/QLD Flood Appeal where we have raised $455 to be donated to help the communities impacted by the floods.

Our event consisted of an online games night with BAP members from Swinburne University, Deakin University, Monash University, University of Sydney, University of Technology Sydney, University of Auckland and the University of Victoria Wellington.

Every $5 donated went into a ticket for a raffle drawn at the end of the games night. Three winners were drawn for a coffee chat with one of our professional partners.

Thank you to everyone who donated and participated.


Unconscious Bias Workshop

20 October 2021

The phenomenon of Unconscious Bias affects us all, both in our careers and even our personal lives. But what exactly does it mean? Where does it come from? And who does it impact?

Our members were extremely privileged to hear from Erfan Daliri – a Social Change Consultant at Kind Enterprises.

Alongside members from the University of Auckland, we had the chance to learn about prejudice, bias, and racism, and how these concepts infiltrate our daily lives.

We learnt so much at this event and will be certain to carry our learnings with us throughout our professional and personal journeys!

BAP x Who Gives a Crap: Information Session

5 October 2021

BAP partnered up with Who Gives a Crap and saw the Xi Lambda chapter meeting Jehan, one of the co-founders, to learn more about WGAC and have the opportunity to ask him anything about his journey in creating his social enterprise. Students enjoyed learning about the pure determination of three friends who wanted to do something amazing for the world and how to begin from nothing.

WGAC is a social enterprise that sells toilet paper with the purpose of improving sanitation quality by building toilets for the ~40% of the world without. They delivered their first product in 2013, and have been donating 50% of their profits ever since. A massive thank you to Who Gives a Crap, Jehan, the BAP executive team, and all our members for being so engaged!

BAP USC x Auckland x Melbourne: ESG Accounting

20 April 2021

Our first tri-chapter collaboration! Thank you to USC Beta Alpha Psi and Beta Alpha Psi – The University of Auckland Chapter for helping to organise an event on sustainability and ESG Accounting!

For most of our members, we learnt just how much we consume in our daily lives; meaning that we would actually need multiple planets just to sustain our current levels of consumption!

We then proceeded to a discussion of how accounting can be used to combat the sustainability crisis humans face. In an unforgettable panel discussion involving academics Gary Biddle, Paul Adler, and Brad Potter, we heard a variety of views regarding:

– the power of accounting in providing information to improve sustainability around the globe

– both the potential benefits and detriments of increased sustainability accounting, and why we need increased uptake of sustainability accounting in the business world

We are so grateful to the speakers for taking the time to enlighten our members.


BAP x Port Melbourne Beach Patrol Team

5 December 2020

We were fortunate enough to hold our first in-person event service event of the year! The team at BAP joined the Port Melbourne Beach Patrol team for their monthly beach clean-up along one of Port Melbourne’s five stretches of beach. The event was a great way of raising awareness of the impact that littering, and was an awesome chance to meet some of the new members that have joined this year!



iVolunteer International x BAP Xi Lambda

31 October 2020

Xi Lambda members gathered online over Zoom to participate in a workshop on Volunteering, hosted by Nipuna Ambandpa from IVolunteer International. Topics that were discussed included the current volunteering climate around the world, and how COVID-19 has shaped this sector of the economy. Members used Breakout Rooms to brainstorm current challenges faced in our community, as well as identify a solution, and consider an implementation strategy. Many great ideas came from our members, ranging from events to help with Mental Health, to donation drives for the homeless. We are so grateful to Nipuna and IVolunteer International for collaborating with us on such a valuable event.

BCOM Orientation Day Expo 2020

25 February 2020

Kicking off 2020 at the University of Melbourne, Wilson Hall was bustling with excitement and energy as commerce students thronged the hall, wide-eyed and expectant to find out more about the student clubs and societies on display. Our BAP Executive Committee were excellent at sharing to curious students the rich history of Beta Alpha Psi, the exclusive events organised specially for our members and the enriching experience added to one’s university life. It was a great success as we got the chance to spread the word and get connected with those interested.


Life's Little Treasures

30 September 2019

On the first day of our BAP Leadership Day event, members had the privilege to volunteer at Life’s Little Treasures for two shifts, 2-3 hours each. Members started their shift learning about what Life’s Little Treasures does as a not for profit organisation, providing support and education for families with premature or sick children. The rest of the shift was spent packing “Little Bags of Calm”, mindfulness kits for the families to exercise much-needed self care. Tasks included sticking teabags onto card, packing pocket hearts into plastic bags and preparing Milestone cards for families to celebrate milestones with their child.

All members truly enjoyed the experience giving back to the community, and it was great to spend time getting to know students from BAP Monash University too!

A huge thank you to the Committee members of BAP UniMelb and Monash who made this wholesome event possible.

Connor's Run 2019

15 September 2019

Our BAP members had the opportunity to volunteer at the annual Connor’s Run 2019 charity run that had over 4000 participants. This event was organised by the Robert Connor Dawes Foundations (RCD) supports pediatric brain matters in the areas of Research, Care and Development to fund the science to end brain cancer and support patients in the meantime.

Some of our members signed up as course volunteers and ensured the safety of the participants as well as the public. Our other members helped serve refreshments to the wonderful runners and stayed back to clean up at the wrap up of the event.

Overall, BAP UniMelb members had a fantastic experience setting a vibrant atmosphere for an amazing event while supporting a great cause!

Salvation Army Lighthouse Cafe

20 May 2019

Today, the Xi Lambda Chapter joined The Salvation Army Melbourne Project 614 Lighthouse Cafe helping prepare meals, take orders, run food and do dishes in an effort to support marginalised and homeless members of our community.

The morning service saw 112 people join us for breakfast and the lunch service saw another 180. Of the group of people we helped, approximately 90% are those without a safe place to call home and the other 10% are those members of our community who are lonely and do not have the support network so many of us are fortunate to have.

Many of our guests are subject to, or have been subjected to, drug and alcohol addiction primarily stemming from childhood trauma. Others are subject to generational homelessness. These important members of our community are lacking stability, have no close family or friends and as such do not have that all important network to keep them out of homelessness.

All members of the community are welcomed to the cafe with open arms. The cafe works as a table service, with waiters coming and taking guests orders, running their meals and clearing tables afterwards. This works to promote a sense of equality for everyone.

We had a fun, exciting and memorable day and will continue to act with the interests of all members of the community in mind. We would like to thank the team at the Lighthouse Cafe for kindly welcoming us to their space and team today.

Sea Shepherd Beach Clean

31 March 2019

Our first service event of the year and we are off to a great start with Sea Shepherd! The Sea Shepherd do amazing work fighting for our marine flora and fauna and this beach clean up will go a long way to aiding our marine environment.

Thank you to our wonderful members who braved the cold this morning and took to cleaning up a local wildlife area!

It is incredible the difference that can be made from a few hours of hard work! Thank you to Sea Shepherd Australia for putting in countless hours of effort every day to ensure the health and safety of our flora and fauna and for inspiring us to continue doing what we can to make a difference.

A little certainly goes a long way!